Recreation Area Sanitation around Lakes and Rivers

Lakes & River Recreation Areas

The SCAT Machine is a portable toilet dumping station designed for use at marinas, river system take-out points, and anywhere “Honey Pot” type waste disposal is practiced.

This system provides a user friendly, sanitary means to properly dispose of human waste from the large volume toilets used by boaters. When connected to an approved septic leach line system, sewage treatment facility, or a stand alone vault system, proper disposal of this waste is ensured while participating in a non-containerized waste carry-out program (i.e.- no plastic, paper bags, or peat pots).

With its industrial grade components and stainless steel construction throughout, the SCAT Machine® yields years of low maintenance, low cost service. The fee access feature standard on this model allows the purchaser a means of collecting revenue to offset maintenance and operating costs, as well as, a profitable service if desired. This fee access system also helps prevent vandalism to the inside of the machine and undesirable garbage from being deposited within by passers by.

The machine, through various cycles and washing nozzles, produces a semi-high pressure, high volume wash that removes the waste from the portable toilet, rinses the toilet inside and out, and slurries the waste into a septic system ready form. It then discharges the waste into the septic system and performs a self rinse cycle that leaves the machine ready for the next use. A sanitizing agent (compatible with the attached septic system) can be used to add to sanitation and control odors. The sanitizing agent is introduced into the rinse cycle via an automatic injection system standard on the unit. Periodic cleaning maintenance can be performed by maintenance personnel by using hand held spray gun equipment with the machine in the manual mode. The SCAT Machine accepts the following types of toilets: 20mm ammunition boxes, 5 gallon plastic buckets, the Green Machine, the Johnnie Partner toilet, the Scat Packer, and other toilets of similar design.

Standard Features Include:

  • PLC Controlled
  • Fee access locking system
  • Use counter
  • Automatic chemical agent injection
  • Chemical agent metering system
  • Heavy duty valves and nozzles
  • Hand held maintenance spray equipment
  • 60 gallon fresh water supply reservoir
  • 12 gallon chemical reservoir
  • Automatic toilet dumping
  • Industrial hydraulic service lines
  • Sturdy corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel construction
  • 3 stage centrifugal pumping system
  • Stainless steel corrosion resistant rotating nozzles
  • Accessory wash rack (for toilet lids and/or seats)
  • 4″ waste water outlet with clean-out
  • Self rinsing cycle
  • Bill validator system actuation
  • User instruction placards with photo demonstration
  • Easy access/easy to use control panel
  • Waste outlet restriction overflow protection
  • Triple back flow protection to the fresh water inlet
  • Automatic in operation user lock-out
  • Quick disconnect portability
  • Owners manual
  • One year warranty on parts if placed inside a building

Options Include:

  • Large capacity fresh water supply reservoir
  • Token acceptor system actuator
  • Fresh water supply transfer systems
  • Gen-Set power supply (for remote locations)
  • Pre-cast concrete mounting pads
  • Prefab machine enclosures w/concrete mounting pad
  • Other site specific customizations

SCAT Machine brochure for recreation areas.

Backcountry Human Waste Carry-Out Programs

The SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer is a completely automatic, user friendly toilet washing system designed as both a dump station and cleaning system for backcountry human waste carry-out programs using standardized poop tube toilets. This system utilizes a high pressure washing system to clean the inside of the poop tube toilet, rinse the outside, and dispose of the waste. All this is accomplished with a maximum of two gallons of water. The machine is equipped with a bill validator or coin acceptor, or both at your choosing, for access actuation. It is equipped with a multi-cycle selection so that personnel can select a wash cycle that best suits the needs of each application. The standard tri-cycle ranges from 1 gallon to 2 gallons of water usage per wash cycle. Other variations are available as well.

Available Components Include:

  • Portable SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer Trailer Mount-This option for the SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer includes a self-contained 16′ receiver hitch trailer with the SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer mounted on it. This trailer has a front mounted mechanical enclosure. It also has a 525 gallon freshwater tank and a 525 gallon waste vault mounted on it (double wall containment vaults may also be available). This unit would be very advantageous to a site where it is important for the entire system to be portable in nature which also enables one unit to service several areas. Because this trailer makes the SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer a totally portable unit, it may be the most desirable unit available with the following advantages:
    • It may be readily moved from site to site.
    • Easy take down and storage for the off season.
    • May not require waste system installation permits due to it’s portable nature. (Dependent upon local laws and regulations)
    • Cost effective-It is cheaper than permanently installed waste disposal systems.
    • No expensive or time consuming construction costs.
    • May be used in areas where waste disposal systems would otherwise be not feasible or allowed.
  • Nurse Trailer for the SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer– The SCAT Machine Nurse Trailer is a complete, self-contained nurse trailer unit with a 500 gallon freshwater transfer tank for transporting water to remote locations where an on site freshwater source is not available and for transporting waste utilizing its 500 gallon waste holding vault. This system can be used for waste transport from a stationary vault system or used in conjunction with a Portable SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer unit.
  • Solar Power System for SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer-The solar power system for the SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer is a fully integrated off the grid power system designed to power the Machine in remote locations without the noise associated with generator systems. The system is mounted on site or on the portable SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer Trailer where it can be set up and taken down in order to move the entire unit. Sizing of this system depends on anticipated use numbers. Some additional options include wind power.
  • Generator Set for SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer-This option is for use with the SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer placed in remote locations without power. This is an alternative to the M2000PTW-SPS-Solar Power System listed above. Features include automatic start, battery back-up for SCAT Machine operation, gen-set enclosure, and 5 gallon fuel bottle for approximate 10 hours of operation. Additional options which will determine final price include: diesel, propane, natural gas, or gasoline fuel power options, and larger fuel capacity tanks.
  • SCAT Machine Poop Tube– The Poop Tube is designed for personal human waste carry-out and is primarily used in backcountry, remote locations. Uses may include backpacking, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, etc, While using the Poop Tube the user can dispose of their waste in a SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer. The tube is 4″ in diameter by 20″ long with easy on/off lid. The method of use includes first depositing individual waste on large coffee filters or waxed paper and then placing in the Poop Tube. The user can then dispose of the waste and wash out their toilet at the SCAT Machine Poop Tube Washer or an RV dump site.
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