Undeveloped Communities

Undeveloped Communities

The SCAT Machine is a portable toilet dumping station ideal for implementing sanitation programs in undeveloped countries and communities.

Communities or Aid organizations can place a SCAT Machine container model, or other version, in a central location near or within an undeveloped community. The unit can either use the existing infrastructure that may exist in a central location including power, water, and sewer, or if none exists units are available that are fully self contained with both water and waste vaults and power supply.

Community members use 5 gallon buckets that are supplied and compatible with the SCAT Machine. They use the 5 gallon buckets in their dwellings to deposit their human waste in, and take them to the SCAT Machine for disposal of waste and cleaning and sanitizing of the bucket toilets.

Distribution of buckets and use of the SCAT Machine system will facilitate a cleaner living environment for people living in undeveloped communities without the infrastructure to support individual sanitation, help prevent the spread of disease, and aid in preserving a clean water supply. Please contact Frenchglen Blacksmiths for additional information.

SCAT Machine brochure for undeveloped communities.

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