The SCAT Machine

The SCAT Machine is a portable toilet dumping station designed for use at marinas, river system take-out points, and anywhere "Honey Pot" type waste disposal is practiced. It is ideal for implementing sanitation programs in natural disaster areas, undeveloped countries, and undeveloped communities.

This system provides a user friendly, sanitary means to properly dispose of human waste. It can be connected to an approved septic leach line system or sewage treatment facility, or may stand alone with self contained vaults.

With its industrial grade components and stainless steel construction throughout, the SCAT Machine will yield years of low maintenance, low cost service. The machine, through various cycles and washing nozzles, produces a semi-high pressure, high volume wash that removes the waste from the portable toilet, rinses the toilet inside and out, and slurries the waste into a septic system ready form. It then discharges the waste into the septic system and performs a self rinse cycle that leaves the machine ready for the next use. A sanitizing agent can be used to add to sanitation and control odors.

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